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How to download

  • After accessing to the OPEN KPGP website, select the desired data from DATA DOWNLOAD to download it through the Web and FTP.
  • Please understand that the downloading may be very slow due to Network load. (The speed of downloading 20 people’s data through KT cloud is stable, please use it as an alternative.)
  • The KPGP data can be downloaded from the FTP site.


No Public ID Ethnic Group Gender Nationality WGS WES
 1 KPGP-00117  East Asian  M  Korea O  
 2 KPGP-00120   East Asian  M  Korea O  
 3 KPGP-00121   East Asian  F  Korea O  
 4 KPGP-00122   East Asian  F  Korea O  
 5 KPGP-00124   East Asian  M  Korea O  
 6 KPGP-00125   East Asian  M  Korea O  
 7 KPGP-00127   East Asian  M  Korea O  
 8 KPGP-00128   East Asian  F  Korea O  
 9 KPGP-00129   East Asian  M  Korea O  
 10 KPGP-00131   East Asian  M  Korea O  
 11 KPGP-00132   East Asian  F  Korea O  
 12 KPGP-00134  East Asian  F  Korea O  
 13 KPGP-00136   East Asian  M  Korea O  
 14 KPGP-00137   East Asian  F  Korea O  
 15 KPGP-00138   East Asian  F  Korea O  
 16 KPGP-00139   East Asian  F  Korea O  
 17 KPGP-00141   East Asian  F  Korea O  
 18 KPGP-00142   East Asian  M  Korea O  
 19 KPGP-00144   East Asian  M  Korea O  
 20 KPGP-00145   East Asian  M  Korea O  


Data Usage
1. The genome data is provided by Genome Research Foundation. Anyone can use the data freely.
2. People who would like to acquire further information about the data for research publication and collaboration, please contact us.
            Contact: info@pgi.re.kr / 82-43-235-8687