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Korean Personal Genome Project(KPGP)

Korean Personal Genome Project (“KPGP”) is a participative research project established by Genome Research Foundation (GRF). The international Personal Genome Project (PGP), led by U.S. none-profit research group, is founded in 2006 and seeking a diverse range of volunteers with the purpose of improving human health. In concordance with the international PGP, KPGP has started to improve Korean people's health and medical welfare.

KPGP is aiming to advance science research, in order to promote human health and welfare with the keep of geopme technology.


- to build a standard Koarea genetic information database

- to activate the participative genome research

- to develop genome sequencing and analysis technologies in the age of personal genetic information services

- to establish an open community if sharing ethical, social, and legal issued in regard togenetic information


Korean reference genome project

Rare diseases reference genome project

HLA alleles reference standard data production project

Genetic Information Participation
It is public participation, and human human genetics education, screening and participant`s willingness determined an individual's participation.
Research Participation
People who have research experiences in the field of human genetics, or who are willing to contribute to KPGP can participate through screening.
Company Participation
Institutes and companies could participate. Sponsorship can greatly help KPGP`s activation.
Human genome researches have developed rapidly since the human genome project was completed in 2003. Recently large-scale production of human genome data is available with the advent of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

Genome Research Foundation (GRF), as a non-profit foundation, determined to open Korean genome data and the current available data of human genome sequence and analysis for free to allow researchers to study. Under the circumstances, OPEN KPGP started on 2011.

<How to download>

  • After accessing to the OPEN KPGP website, select the desired data from DATA DOWNLOAD to download it through the Web and FTP.
  • Please understand that the downloading may be very slow due to Network load. (The speed of downloading 20 people’s data through KT cloud is stable, please use it as an alternativ.)

<Hard disk Request>

  • You can get data hard disks by requesting it to the administrator. However, the hard disk and processing costs will occur.
  • Cost

    - Hard disk
    - Operating costs (labor and server equipment operating costs).
    - Shipping : door to door delivery(domestic only) / international shipping : please contact. (

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Sample no. Cost(excluding V.A.T)
10 115,000 (KRW)
20 170,000 (KRW)
30 260,000 (KRW)
40 340,000 (KRW)
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Sample no. Cost(excluding V.A.T)
10 310,000 (KRW)
20 530,000 (KRW)
30 750,000 (KRW)
40 880,000 (KRW)

<Data Usage>
1. The genome data are provided by Genome Research Foundation. Anyone can use the data openfreely.
2. People who would like to acquire further information about the data for research publication and collaboration, please contact us.
Contact: / 82-31-888-9327