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PGP Korea

The Personal Genome Project Korea (KPGP) is dedicated to producting publically available personal genome, health, and trait data.


Korean Personal Genome Project (KPGP) is a participative research project established by Genome Research Foundation(GRF).
The international Personal Genome Project (PGP), led by U.S. none-profit research group, is founded in 2005 and seeking a diverse range of volunteers with the purpose of improving human health.
In concordance with the international PGP, KPGP was started to collect and distribute personal genome and trait data. > more about us


 KPGP Public Data
Korean Other Rare Disease Patients Miltiracial(people)    Monozygotic Twin    
KTuCloud+PGI  Dizygotic Twin      


KPGP Public Data FTP Download
  1. The Genomics Institute (TGI) FTP Site
  2. Korean Bioinformation Center (KOBIC) FTP Site


KPGP Data Usage
  1. The genome data of PGP-Korea is hosted and provided by Genome Research Foundation.  Anyone can use the data freely.
  2. If you would like to acquire further information about the data for research publication and collaboration, please contact us.
  3. Contact: / 82-43-235-8687


KPGP Data Statistics


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