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ExPASy (Expert Protein Analysis System)

The ExPASy (Expert Protein Analysis System) proteomics server of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) is 
dedicated to the analysis of protein sequences and structures as well as 2-D PAGE (Disclaimer / References). 

1993년 구축된 ExPASy (Expert Protein Analysis System) proteomics 서버는 Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics(SIB)에 의해 
유지되고 있으며, Post genomics era에 있어 단백질체학의 중요성에 맞추어 추진된 다국가 기반의 단백질체분석 
사이트로서 단백질 데이터베이스와 구조, 2D‐PAGE 등을 제공한다.

▶ Documentation

  • What's New on ExPASy
  • SWISS-FLASH electronic bulletins
  • Swiss-Prot documents
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  • Complete table of available documents